19th CVG Annual Meeting
and Exhibitions

 October 24, 2013 (9am to 5 pm)


A Lifecycle Approach to the Qualification of Analytical Procedures 
Dr. Pauline McGregor, PMcG Consulting 

USP Impurities chapters <466> and <1086> 
Dr. Antonio Hernandez-Cardoso, USP

Bioanalysis of Quinidine and 9-Hydroxy-Risperidone for the Evaluation of the Impact of P-gp on their Brain Disposition Using the Mdr1a Knockout Rat Model method
Dr. Henrianna Pang 

3D printer vascular network with functional (beating) cardiac tissue 
Dr. Boyang Zhang, University of Toronto

A Rigorous Statistically Defensible Approach to Method Validation Robustness Testing
Mr. Richard Verseput, S-Matrix

Will we remain microbiologists or become analytical chemists - mass spectrometry platforms for the characterization and identification of microbial pathogens 
Dr. Shu Chen, University of Guelph

Developing automated software tools for LC-MS analysis - The programming languages and methodologies 
Dr. Ming Yang, AB Sciex 

Crystal Polymorphism 
Dr. Jim Britten, Mc Master University

Novel approaches used in the analysis of pesticides and chemical contaminants of emerging concern 
Dr. Linda Lissemore, University of Guelph

 USP General Chapters <41> and <1251> "Balances" and "Weighing on an Analytical Balance" Mr. Christopher St-Francois, Mettler Toledo

Raman and NIR for raw material identification 
Dr. Herman Lam, CVG


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New FDA Guidance for Industry 2014  "Analytical Procedures and Methods Validation for Drugs and Biologics"


Joint Eastern and Western Canada Trace Organics Workshop
May 13-14, 2014
Guelph, Ontario






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