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UV-Vis, IR, NIR and Raman Semiar

Venue:           Auditorium, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

                       125 Resources Road, Etobicoke, ON M9P 3V6

Date:               Thursday May 12th, 2016. 12:30 16:30


1.     Dr. Jean-Louis Cabral, Agilent Technologies In.   

Key applications of portable FTIR     

2.     Dr. Robert Cocciardi, Bruker Ltd.      

Novel Design for Handheld Raman Instruments that Mitigates Fluorescence

3.     Dr. Ron Rubinovitz, Thermo Fisher Scientific        

Imaging by FT-IR and Raman: Insight into Composition and Component Distribution         

4.     Dr. Herman Lam, Calibration and Validation Group

Introduction to Principal Component Analysis       

5.     Dr. Parviz Shahbazikhah, Metrohm 

Chemometrics Tools in NIR and Raman Spectroscopy   

6.     Dr. Art Hamfeldt, Tornado Spectral SystemsApplications of Raman for Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing

UV-Vis, IR, NIR and Raman Seminar

Free registration
E-mail herman_lam@cvg.ca