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Calibration and Validation Group Symposium 2015


Mr. Nada Kuganathan

Enkay Consulting Services Inc.

Emerging global business & regulatory trends and the challenges in the pharmaceutical and biologics industries

Prof. Jesse Zhu

Western University

Paradigm shift: Liquid to powder coating for pharmaceutical tablets

Dr. Kwok Chow
Covar Pharma Inc.

Pharmaceutical Development of Poorly Soluble Drugs

Dr. Guang Qing Li

Dikma Technologies Inc.

State-of-the-art Column Technology for Increasing LC Productivity and Achieving Optimal HPLC Performance

Dr.  Fabian Jameison

USP Reference Standards Development


Dr. John Martin


Raman and near infrared for Process Analytical Technology (PAT

Mr. Michael Bertone
Experchem Laboratories Inc.

Analysis of marihuana Analytical technology update

Dr James Chang


Multiresidue pesticide analysis using high accuracy mass spectrometry and data independent data acquisition Mitigation of false-positive identification

Dr. Karen Gabrielyan


Calibration and Validation of heavy metal testing  by ICP-MS

Mr. Christophe Deckers


Improving Robustness of Daily Instrument Analysis with new techniques like Enhanced Sample Matrix Removal and QuEChERS

CVG 2015 Symposium
October 15, 2015
9:00 17:00

Markham Convergence Center 7271 Warden Ave, Markham, ON

Free registration
E-mail herman_lam@cvg.ca
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